how to wear green, part 2: with orange

24 May 2012 fashion

Just because I’m all about green now, doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten my love for orange! We need not go down the path of a St. Patrick’s Day refugee, here. This series is all about looking at colors in a new way (part 1 was about how to wear green with navy)! Think of green and orange […]

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wear it this weekend: the easiest t-shirt skirt in the world

23 May 2012 refashion

So, it’s Wednesday. Whether you’re going to the beach for Memorial Day weekend, or planning on settling in for a staycation, you’re going to need something cute to wear. Something fun and summery, yes? When it’s too hot for jeans, a loose fitting summer skirt is your best friend. I’m going to show you a […]

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the official start of summer

22 May 2012 fashion

I read on Twitter the other day, that despite conventional wisdom, the official start of summer is not Memorial Day weekend, but rather the presentation of the Oscar de la Renta resort collection. Lucky for us all, that was yesterday. Predictably, everything was gorgeous. Thrillingly for me, there was a ton of gorgeous green. Here […]

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spring 2012 preview: sanctuary

19 April 2012 coming soon

I have a postcard of the Orangerie at Versailles on the bulletin board above my sewing machine. I remember my first visit, and how enthralled I was with its extreme precision. A sculpted and geometric garden like l’orangarie appeals to the part of my brain that likes it when things are orderly; the part of […]

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save the date!

10 April 2012 events

Several dates, actually…my calendar is already filling up with spring events! Check out the list below for places you can see me and the entire Holland Cox line in person…and stay tuned for additional dates! (Just so you know: insiders always know when something’s coming up.) April 15 ~ The Spring Bada Bing, Richmond VA […]

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how to wear green, part 1: with navy

4 April 2012 fashion

As you know, one of my favorite crusades is encouraging you to experiment with color! This spring, I’m all about green. As with my how to wear orange series, I’ll start by pairing green with a neutral. In my mind, the neutral that goes best with green is navy blue. how to wear green, part […]

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a sneak peek at my spring 2012 collection

15 March 2012 coming soon

Last summer, when I first started thinking about purples and blues for my la acquabella collection, I already knew that my next collection was going to be all about green. fabrics for the spring collection: green & gray I’ve been in love with a certain shade of bright, apple green for a long time…probably since […]

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the difference between matching and coordinating

6 March 2012 fashion

You hear it all the time – don’t be too matchy-matchy. Magazines and style bloggers and Nina Garcia and everyone and their mother (and me, too) are always telling you to mix it up. So what’s the big deal? Matching is boring, for one thing. It takes all the joy out of fashion. Matching is […]

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the best accessories for spring 2012: new york

16 February 2012 fashion

We are deep into fashion “week” for fall 2012 (today is the last day in New York, and the London shows start tomorrow!), but I am more concerned about what to wear this spring, and what to shop for right now…perhaps what you might see featured in your favorite fashion magazines next month. These are […]

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diy fabric envelopes for valentine’s day

8 February 2012 crafting

Yes, it’s an utterly made up holiday. But what’s wrong with making up a reason to tell people around you that you care? Nothing. Especially if you do it with something handmade! These fabric envelopes are an all-purpose gift. Whether you are celebrating February 14 with friends, family, or your sweetheart, you can do it […]

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