sneak peek: 2 yards 10 gifts!

11 November 2013 coming soon

Later this month, I’ll be releasing an e-book of sewing patterns called 2 Yards 10 Gifts. It is exactly what it says on the tin! Ten gifts that you can make, using only two yards of fabric (yes, you can make all ten with just 2 yards)! Next weekend, I’ll be hosting a special workshop […]

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sewing olympics 2012: start training now!

12 July 2012 sewing

It’s that time again! During the Vancouver Olympics in 2010, I challenged myself with my own personal sewing olympics, and I want to do the same during the London games this year. My goal: a trench coat. Specifically, McCall’s 5525. Check it out: The last few Burberry runway shows have made me obsessed with having […]

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tragic brown cardigan refashioned into something wearable

19 January 2012 personal style

My new year’s resolution is to finally have the wardrobe of my dreams in 2012. I don’t plan on doing much shopping though…I’m going to refashion what I’ve got into fabulousness, and sew the rest from scratch! This chocolate brown cardigan is a perfect candidate. How unspeakably dull is this thing? Why would I want […]

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wear it this weekend: DIY envelope clutch

Thumbnail image for wear it this weekend: DIY envelope clutch 22 September 2011 fashion

I have long been a huge fan of the envelope clutch. Not only is my own version one of my flagship designs for Holland Cox, another version is the very first sewing pattern I’ve offered for sale! Despite what you may think, an envelope clutch can be very versatile. This little tutorial is just one […]

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this top would be perfect, if only…

finished top with refashioned neckline 4 September 2011 personal style

You know those garments you have that you like, but that you could LOVE if only…that one thing about it could be changed? Those little pretties are ripe for refashion. Here’s my latest. before: cute top, dull tie. When I still had an office job, this sleeveless top spent most of its time underneath jackets […]

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summer skirt refashioned from old dress shirts

Thumbnail image for summer skirt refashioned from old dress shirts 6 July 2011 crafting

It seemed like last week was dress shirt refashion week on Pinterest…I came across several really cute ones, including this one inspired by Grosgrain. They got me thinking about all the dress shirts sitting in my closet left over from my office job days. I should really do something with those, I thought. Here’s the […]

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the seduction of slow fashion

10 March 2011 fashion

Have you been seduced by the idea of slow fashion? I confess: I used to be a mindless consumer of fast fashion. I was unhappy with life in a lot of ways, and retail therapy was my self-medication of choice. I regularly bought a lot of cheap, boring clothing that (in hindsight) didn’t even give […]

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new life for an old sweater

Thumbnail image for new life for an old sweater 24 February 2011 refashion

A few weeks ago, I saw a t-shirt refashion in a craft magazine, and was inspired to apply its techniques to a little red sweater that I’ve had forever, but is now tragically too small. Here’s the end result: The t-shirt refashion took two over-sized t-shirts and turned them into a single, shawl-front cardigan. I […]

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how to save a cashmere sweater

27 January 2011 refashion

I was gifted a black cashmere sweater many winters ago, and I have never worn it. It’s a damn shame, too, because I’m cryophobic and I need a winter wardrobe well-stocked with warm sweaters. But it was an awkward shape – it had a very high crew neck, and ribbing across the hem and at […]

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tutorial: felt wine bottle bag

Thumbnail image for tutorial: felt wine bottle bag 12 November 2010 sewing

I know how scary it can be when the holidays creep up on you…you have family and friends and coworkers who all expect a little bit (or a lot) of your attention, who want you to come to their party, do their gift exchange, volunteer for their cause, et cetera. This little tutorial is going […]

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