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how to wear green, part 3: with gray

13 June 2012 fashion

Don’t ever let anybody tell you that bright and bold colors cannot also be chic and sophisticated! As with any image you try to project, it’s all in the cut and quality of your clothes, as well as the styling of your outfit. Let’s see what happens when a bright green is paired with gray… […]

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how to wear green, part 2: with orange

24 May 2012 fashion

Just because I’m all about green now, doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten my love for orange! We need not go down the path of a St. Patrick’s Day refugee, here. This series is all about looking at colors in a new way (part 1 was about how to wear green with navy)! Think of green and orange […]

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how to wear green, part 1: with navy

4 April 2012 fashion

As you know, one of my favorite crusades is encouraging you to experiment with color! This spring, I’m all about green. As with my how to wear orange series, I’ll start by pairing green with a neutral. In my mind, the neutral that goes best with green is navy blue. how to wear green, part […]

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the difference between matching and coordinating

6 March 2012 fashion

You hear it all the time – don’t be too matchy-matchy. Magazines and style bloggers and Nina Garcia and everyone and their mother (and me, too) are always telling you to mix it up. So what’s the big deal? Matching is boring, for one thing. It takes all the joy out of fashion. Matching is […]

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how to wear a purple envelope clutch

25 January 2012 fashion

What does the word “versatile” mean to you? I’m willing to bet when you think “versatile” in terms of clothing or accessories, you think neutral colors and plain styling. It doesn’t have to be that way! Something does not have to be plain and black to get lots of wear out of it. The most […]

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when absolutely every eye must be on you

17 January 2012 fashion

This is a Golden Globes post that is not about my favorite and least favorite dresses…this is red carpet commentary you can actually use. (Red carpet images from New York Magazine online.) What can we learn from Sunday’s red carpet about keeping every eye in the room where it’s supposed to be – on you? […]

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the most practical bag in your closet

26 September 2011 fashion

I’m sure you agree that an envelope clutch is a perfect evening accessory. But have you ever thought about using one every day? I can hear your gasps of outrage from here…But Valerie! You exclaim. I could never fit all my stuff in a clutch! They’re just too impractical! Settle down, my loves, and let […]

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how to get the most out of your trendy accessories

12 September 2011 fashion

So, you’ve caved to the latest trend. You fell in love and just couldn’t say no. You’ve worn it three times already and have loved every minute of it! You have no regrets! Sadly, you’ve worn it exactly the same way all three times. It’s time to branch out, love! Time for a restyling. To […]

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the labor day rule, and other lies you’ve been told

6 September 2011 fashion

You’ve heard them all before, I’m sure. Hopefully you know that some of them are complete lies. But I’m betting that there are a few you think are true. I’m talking about archaic and arbitrary fashion “rules,” like the famous one about not wearing white after Labor Day. (left: Elie Tahari; right: Catherine Malandrino, both […]

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how to wear the zaria envelope clutch

30 August 2011 fashion

Sometimes people tell me they love Holland Cox handbags, but don’t know how to wear them. Here’s two takes on styling the zaria envelope clutch: the zaria envelope clutch by hollandcox   The zaria clutch is adorned with handmade flowers on the flap, so it lends itself easily to a pretty, feminine look like the […]

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